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Tools we used to make us competitive and satisfy our existing as well as our new partners .

a.) ERP -  We in SHERVOTEC has a business support system that maintains in a single database - the data needed for a variety of business functions such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain  Management, Financials, Projects, Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management, so hurdles  coming in the way if any can be redressed in reasonable time.

b.) CRP ( Customer Relationship Planning ) We sincerely believe Customer service doesn't come from a manual, it comes from the heart. When you're taking care of the customer, you can never do too much.

c.) Fastest customer service + Customer Satisfaction. Coming together is beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. That is what we believes and we are working on it .

d.) Quality analysis at every stage We in organization aim to maintain and develop new technology of building quality image at every stage.

In recent decades the pharmaceutical industry and its free market model of Marketing drugs have come under sharp criticism both domestically and globally. Their pricing and distribution of lifesaving drugs to developing as well as under developing countries have been severely criticized. Keeping in mind and   demand, to be more innovative and being a very old (mature/ seasoned) player in Pharmaceutical we have decided to launch ONCOLOGY PRODUCTS in India as well as in the international market. Our own manufacturing of these super specialty drugs will definitely helps us in building strong and reliable brand name in pharmaceutical company .

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